A downloadable game for Windows and Android

I made this game just messing around and had some friends wanting me to finish it for their kids to play. 

You are a kid running through a school with monster teachers. If they catch you, you have to answer their math problem to continue.

6/28/19 Added a non optimized APK only download and new non optimized in the new select math  format. Also added a Windows  standalone for testing only. Use "P" to pause. It only has 3 lane switching via arrow keys.

Install instructions

Zipped APK with a Windows installer (if needed). Download to Windows, unzip to a folder and install to connected device using the installer,  or download and unzip directly to device and install APK.

APK file download directly to android device. Using file manager go to downloads and select Monster Math. You may be asked to allow install from unknown sources.

Windows 64 (Testing Only Version) just download and unzip to desktop


MonsterMath-APK 68 MB
MonsterMath Zip for install using windows 66 MB
MonsterMath-Windows Test Version 109 MB

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